#3 Property Search:

At this point you will have a good idea of what you can afford and what you really want. Taking that information into consideration we are ready to embark on your actual home search.

Real property search with Andreas Mueller Your real estate agent Andreas Mueller will keep you up-to-date on available properties that may meet your criteria will screen these properties for you. When he presents you with a property that interests you, he will arrange for you to tour the property.

Be absolutely sure that you like the neighborhood. Does the neighborhood feel safe? Are you going to be against the traffic? Is it convenient to access major free ways? Is it close to grocery stores? What is the empty lot nearby going to be used for? High end homes or apartment buildings? What is the rent/own ratio in the community? What about noise? Is it near an airport? Are there enough parking spaces? What are the fees to live in the neighborhood? Andreas Mueller will help you to answer all of these questions.